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5 reasons why a clean home is a happy home

Every wall in your home is a blank canvas, but that doesn’t mean it should stay that way anymore. This year has brought many lovely color trends for painting whole rooms, accent pieces, or even your entire house. This little guide will show you some of the most popular and easily manageable interior color trends for 2019. Sometimes, all you need to breathe new life into a room is a fresh coat of paint, and with our help, your house might be looking very different in the coming... read more

Jul 30

How to Organize and Clean Your Basement

By Maid in Jersey City

Basements in most homes are damp, dark and musty. They provide excellent storage space, but they can also quickly become stuffed full of too many things you don’t use often or simply want to set aside for “later.” There is no problem with storing things way for a later time, but if you have no organization beneath it and it degenerates into an uncontrolled mess, what is the point? You won’t be able to find the Christmas tree or that box of old baby clothes when you need... read more


Modern life is incredibly busy. When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, there’s no substitute for weekly maintenance or a thorough spring cleaning, but how about those small, pesky tasks if you have just a minute to spare? Today, we’ll give you some handy pointers on clean kitchen checklist making the most of every spare second to keep your house spotless. The One-Minute Rule The one-minute rule is super-simple.  If you can take care of a cleaning task right away, just do it rather than thinking about when... read more

Mar 19

Clever Ways to Keep your Kids’ Room Organized

By Maid in Jersey City

Every parent has been through that pounding frustration of looking ways to organize kids room and keeping it tidy all the time. After picking everything up and putting all toys and knick-knacks away, the kids will probably come and mess it up again. The cycle could go on forever. But worry not! We got you covered! Here are simple tips to get your child’s room in order and to keep it that way! Take inventory of everything inside. Like with other cleaning tasks, making a list of inventory... read more

Nov 23

Tips That Will Make Thanksgiving Cleaning Easy

By Maid in Jersey City

Thanksgiving starts the busiest holiday season of the year.  If you are hosting the Thanksgiving Dinner, you need to get your cooking supplies and prepare your home ahead of time.   If you’re already panicking because of the before and after Thanksgiving cleaning is overwhelming, then stop for a minute. We’ve made a checklist that can help you go through the holidays in a breeze, regarding cleaning, that is. So let’ start: Start cleaning from ceiling to your floor We all know this tip isn’t just for cleaning before... read more


Your tiled floors are prone to stains, dullness and tile grout which can all make your flooring look old and worn out well before its time. While cleaning ceramic tiles is not difficult, there are a couple of specific tips and methods to use to give them a deeper cleanse and reveal their original sheen. Take a look at our top picks for efficient cleaning and maintenance of your ceramic tiling. How to Efficiently Clean and Maintain Ceramic Tiled Flooring 1. Sweep and Mop Daily If you don’t want... read more

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Aug 28

8 Simple Steps to Get Your Children Cleaning

By Maid in Jersey City

It is a battle waged in millions of homes across America almost every weekend. Parents, reasonably, mildly the first time, say “Okay, guys. It is time to clean up your bedrooms.” Parents feel they have to force some order. Children want their rooms to be their own – yet organized – domain. Children do have a lot on their plate sometimes. From school work, homework, and other extracurriculars, they are swamped with activities all throughout the week. It is why for most of them the weekends is their... read more


Hoboken may not be a polluted city to live in, but your house here very well could be. Most homeowners don’t realize that their indoor air is being contaminated by certain pollutants which lead to a list of allergies and other health issues. It is because of this ignorance that indoor air pollutants continue to cause harm in homes across the globe. We often take the quality of indoor air lightly because we believe that bad air only exists outside. However, it takes some steps to create a... read more


In anything you choose to do, it pays to know the basics. But what’s even more helpful is having a step-by-step guide to ensure that you’re doing things the right way. This applies in particular to kitchen cleaning because there are so many components and objects around that it’s difficult to know where to start! All you need is some guidance to make your kitchen cleaning smooth sailing and successful! Read some basic and helpful tips for the top to bottom cleaning for the kitchen. Steps for a... read more

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