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Modern life is incredibly busy.

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, there’s no substitute for weekly maintenance or a thorough spring cleaning, but how about those small, pesky tasks if you have just a minute to spare?

Today, we’ll give you some handy pointers on clean kitchen checklist making the most of every spare second to keep your house spotless.

The One-Minute Rule

The one-minute rule is super-simple. 

If you can take care of a cleaning task right away, just do it rather than thinking about when you’ll do it later. Taking action like this is a surefire way to streamline your cleaning duties without putting in any real effort. So what kind of jobs can you do in the kitchen in just 60 seconds?

The Sink Area

It was astonishing how grimy the sink area can get and spoil the overall look of your kitchen. Attack these areas as you’re passing through:

  • Basin: Use your favorite multipurpose cleaning spray and wipe away any rogue food debris or grime around the basin. A job was done in well under a minute!
  • Faucet: Gleaming faucets make a surprising difference to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Just snatch a clean cloth and buff the faucets as you’re passing through for an easy leg-up in your quest for a clean kitchen.
  • Waste Disposal: Cleanliness extends beyond looks, and the smell from waste disposal can blight kitchen hygiene. Try popping some orange or lemon peel down inside the waste disposal then run some hot water for 60 seconds. Citrus oils break down grease and grime and give your kitchen a fresh, fruity aroma.


You know how easy it is for clutter to build upon any surface and the kitchen is no exception.

  • Pack Things Away: Make sure all your utensils are returned to their rightful place. Pop all the spices in the rack and make sure the bread is back in the bread bin. Pay attention to any phone chargers cluttering the counters up. Move that stray mail to where it belongs.
  • Attack Those Crumbs: Once you’ve cleared the surface, wipe away any crumbs with a dry cloth. After dusting the counter, use a quick spritz of your preferred cleaning spray.

Spot-Cleaning The Floor

Now you’ve managed to restore some order to the sink surround and counters, spot cleaning the floor is something you can take care of in 60 seconds flat. 

A small hand-held broom is a great way to avoid the hassle of breaking out the vacuum cleaner while still whipping things into shape. If any particularly soiled areas need attention, use a cloth and some multipurpose spray to restore a crisp, neat finish without undue effort.

Cleaning Service

Even if you do your very best with the housework, sometimes there’s no substitute for hiring a house cleaning serviceUntil you call for outside help, using the above clean kitchen tips will make your house cleaner and your life that little bit easier.