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Stainless Steel Guide How To Clean With Natural And Potent Methods

How to clean stainless steel appliances? That’s a question many homeowners in Hoboken, NJ, ask. After all, those silver surfaces look delicate! In this blog post, you will find easy and effective ways to clean them without too much risk and effort. But first, we have to learn a thing or two about the nature of stainless steel: Understanding stainless steel Many homeowners in New Jersey have stainless steel appliances. It’s a trendy option! Stainless steel gives a sleek and sophisticated look to every home and also has... read more

When homeowners look for a professional house cleaner, they look for someone they can trust. Of course, letting someone into your home is a big deal! Knowing you can rely on your maid is crucial, especially in fast-paced areas like Hudson County. If you are not sure what makes a house cleaner reliable, this blog post is for you. Here we tell you how you can know if a cleaner is trustworthy! They are registered to do business Legitimate house cleaning professionals have to register and fulfill their... read more

Jun 30

7 Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning

By Maid in Jersey City

Cleaning chores often involve dealing with harsh chemicals and bacteria; therefore, mistakes can be dangerous! Avoid these mistakes during your housework!

Many homeowners have a hard time cleaning their windows because of glass streaks. If you are planning to clean your windows, use these tips and avoid window streaks.

7 things of tidying up a small home
Mar 08

7 Tips For Tidying Up A Small Home

By Maid in Jersey City

Tidying up a small home can seem simple. However, with less space, clutter becomes overwhelming quickly. No one likes to live in a messy place; it doesn’t matter their home size. That’s why we gather for you these seven decluttering tips for small homes, so grab your cleaning tools and let’s start!  Declutter daily Keeping clutter away is challenging for everyone. However, in small homes, the space for clutter runs out over time. If you are living in a smaller home, daily decluttering seems almost mandatory. However, it... read more

Tackle your spring cleaning right away! Welcoming the new season with a clean home has many health benefits; learn more in our infographic.

4 Easy ways to clean

After the health crisis broke out last year, it’s natural to ask yourself how to protect your children’s health—parents know toys can go from the floor to their child’s mouth at any moment. When it comes to toddlers and small children, sanitizing their space means keeping things clean where they play. In this blog, you will learn six safe ways to sanitize toys and surfaces.  When it comes to toys, it could be hard to know how often you need to clean them. Disinfect plastic-made objects like bath... read more

Try out some of these ideas to fall in love with your home again. Maybe you can add a coat of paint? Change some lights? Remodeling doesn’t need to be hard!

6 crucial home office remodelling ideas

Home offices are becoming more popular over time, especially after last year’s global pandemic. If you’re planning to work more from home, then you better create a comfortable and functional workplace. considering lighting, technology, and space; in this blog, you will find six essential remodeling ideas for a home office along with elements that you can’t overlook to achieve your goals. Invest in a great chair One of the most crucial home office remodelings you need is not a remodel but a purchase. Investing in an appropriate chair... read more

There’s a fine line between storing something and accumulating clutter. Read our latest infographic and discover the essential home maintenance chores to do this new year.

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