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When homeowners look for a professional house cleaner, they look for someone they can trust. Of course, letting someone into your home is a big deal! Knowing you can rely on your maid is crucial, especially in fast-paced areas like Hudson County. If you are not sure what makes a house cleaner reliable, this blog post is for you. Here we tell you how you can know if a cleaner is trustworthy! They are registered to do business Legitimate house cleaning professionals have to register and fulfill their... read more

Many homeowners have a hard time cleaning their windows because of glass streaks. If you are planning to clean your windows, use these tips and avoid window streaks.

7 things of tidying up a small home
Mar 08

7 Tips For Tidying Up A Small Home

By Maid in Jersey City

Tidying up a small home can seem simple. However, with less space, clutter becomes overwhelming quickly. No one likes to live in a messy place; it doesn’t matter their home size. That’s why we gather for you these seven decluttering tips for small homes, so grab your cleaning tools and let’s start!  Declutter daily Keeping clutter away is challenging for everyone. However, in small homes, the space for clutter runs out over time. If you are living in a smaller home, daily decluttering seems almost mandatory. However, it... read more

4 Easy ways to clean

After the health crisis broke out last year, it’s natural to ask yourself how to protect your children’s health—parents know toys can go from the floor to their child’s mouth at any moment. When it comes to toddlers and small children, sanitizing their space means keeping things clean where they play. In this blog, you will learn six safe ways to sanitize toys and surfaces.  When it comes to toys, it could be hard to know how often you need to clean them. Disinfect plastic-made objects like bath... read more

6 crucial home office remodelling ideas

Home offices are becoming more popular over time, especially after last year’s global pandemic. If you’re planning to work more from home, then you better create a comfortable and functional workplace. considering lighting, technology, and space; in this blog, you will find six essential remodeling ideas for a home office along with elements that you can’t overlook to achieve your goals. Invest in a great chair One of the most crucial home office remodelings you need is not a remodel but a purchase. Investing in an appropriate chair... read more

DIY Last minute Christmas Decorations to save a buck

It’s understandable if you want to make it extra special Christmas this year, in a year that has been tough for most. A great Christmas does not always mean spending an arm and a leg. With some creativity, you can come up with great decorations to bring the holiday charm. If you do not consider yourself very artsy, don’t worry. This list gives you a list of creative last-minute Christmas decor that is not beautiful, but that will also save you a buck. Christmas Themed Throw Pillows Instead... read more

During the cold months of winter, the windows are frequently closed, leading to bad quality air. Apply these essential cleaning hacks and protect your health this holiday season.

How to safely celebrate Thanksgiving 2020

As Thanksgiving approaches, the pandemic continues to unveil its ugly head – with possible travel restrictions and safety concerns. So, how do we celebrate Thanksgiving during the pandemic?  Do we sit at the table sulking with a bag of sweet potato bites? Well, as the pandemic threatens to derail most Thanksgiving traditions, it’s also an opportunity to think outside the box. A time to ditch that traditional playbook, opt for a different menu, or find ways to reinvent important family Thanksgiving activities. And we’re here to help make... read more

Halloween masks don’t replace a proper face mask (with breathable fabric). Learn more about other preventive measures to avoid COVID during the holidays.

Tips for safely celebrating halloween

Imagine a year without Halloween. How would it be? Everybody loves the magic of Halloween. Don’t you? Celebrating Halloween is a cherished tradition for many people in New Jersey.  It’s more than just a fun party. But just like most activities this year, Halloween will be different. This doesn’t mean that it needs to be canceled entirely. But instead, activities will be carried out in a slightly stricter manner because of the pandemic.  5 Important Tips for Safely Celebrating Halloween With the right measures put in place, you... read more

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