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Mar 19

Clever Ways to Keep your Kids’ Room Organized

By Maid in Jersey City

Every parent has been through that pounding frustration of looking ways to organize kids room and keeping it tidy all the time. After picking everything up and putting all toys and knick-knacks away, the kids will probably come and mess it up again. The cycle could go on forever.

But worry not! We got you covered!

Here are simple tips to get your child’s room in order and to keep it that way!

Take inventory of everything inside.

Like with other cleaning tasks, making a list of inventory can make the job easier. As you jot down items, what general categories pop out? You have bedding, furniture, clothing, toys, and books as they are often found in your kid’s bedroom.

When you are finished with taking inventory, decide which stuff goes to donation and which stays. This way, you’ll have room for more useful things and will make the place less cluttered. Next, you can sort out everything according to the categories you came up with. You can have boxes of toys and puzzles, shelves for books, and drawers for clothes. Assign a home for each item and add labels.

In case your child doesn’t know how to read, you can have pictures as labels, so they know what belongs where! Aside from tidying up, they will also learn along the way.

Clean like a kid, think like a kid.

An adult’s organizing systems are different from those of a child’s. Therefore, to accurately get things in the kids' bedroom, you need to take their eye view. Stoop down to their level and play as they do.

See how high they can reach, learn their favorite playing toys and hide-outs. Kids can maintain things neat if their organizing method aligns the way they use their things.

Use multi-purpose furniture.

Whether your children’s room is big or small, multi-purpose furniture is the top choice of fixtures to put in the area.  Aside from space-saving, it can also make tidying up easier for kids to do. Like for example, a small ottoman can be used as a stool and kids room storage solutions for their toys.

Remember that a clutter-free room serves as a healthier place for kids to learn, create and play.

Maximize vertical space.

Vertical storage maximizes space and makes more room for playing. It keeps things off the ground and organized vertically. You can perhaps put books there, and arrange them according to color–if your child still can’t read, or any way that can make it easier for your child to identify where to put things.

Also, don’t forget to keep in mind to maximize space only as high as your child can reach!

Create your own play table.

Kids can never get tired of playing. So, if you're replacing your old coffee table with a new one, don't throw the old one away! You can transform it into a play table for your kids. This technique will not only help you organize your kid’s room, but it can serve as a play desk to let them enjoy.

Keeping a clean children’s room can be any parents battle cry. But with these clever ways, you can easily conquer the battleground at stake! Just don’t forget to involve your kids in every step of the process. This way, they can easily learn the ropes of what to do–even without supervision.

In case you need backup, just call in the professionals! They’ll know what to do. No sweat!