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You’ve probably been thinking that your dishwasher is cleaning itself each time you ran it, until one fine day you happened to take a closer look inside. As you scan the entire interiors until the back of the appliance, you might get horrified with a disgusting picture. You may find an easy and efficient way to wash your dishwasher to make it clean again.

Deep cleaning your dishwasher is needed every other month or as and when needed. The importance of keeping this space clean and hygienic is necessary. You can’t have your dishes come out with germs crawling all over them.

Step-by-step Guide on Dishwasher Cleaning

Step One: Preparation

There are particular removable parts in a dishwasher including the utensil holder, racks, etc. Take these out and soak them in a bucket of cleaning solution. Water and liquid soap work fine, but you can even opt for a more natural solution like water and vinegar (1 cup of vinegar in a bucket of water). Don’t worry if your dishwasher parts aren’t fully submerged. You can always scrub them under running water too.

Step Two: Deep Cleansing

Once you’ve emptied out your dishwasher, deep cleansing can begin. Start by removing any big bits of food or dirt using a dry cloth. Next, make a solution of warm water and liquid soap/vinegar and scrub the interiors thoroughly with a soft or mildly abrasive sponge. Start with the roof of the interiors, then on to the sides and back. Clean the base last by removing any dirt or food deposits using a dry cloth. Finally, give the base a good scrubbing until it is pristine!

Step Three: Clean Spray Arm Holes

It’s common for the spray arm holes to get clogged with food debris and dirt. Using a toothpick or needle, unclog the holes and splash water on them as you go along. This step will remove the loosened dirt and allow for an uninterrupted water stream.

Step Four: Clean Door, Gasket

Don’t ignore the door and gasket as they are prone to staining and mildew buildup. To clean the door, use regular water, and liquid soap will suffice. Be sure to clean the bottom and edges were hardened dirt or stains are likely to form. For the gasket, make a small solution of equal parts water and vinegar and use an old toothbrush to clean all around the rubber. Lastly, take a clean, damp cloth and wipe around the gasket for a thorough cleansing.

Step Five: Replace Parts

To finish off your dishwasher deep cleanse, wash the removable parts as you would typically wash utensils. Once you’re satisfied with how clean they are, put the pieces back in place and leave the door open for the interiors to air dry.

And there you have it! The simplest and most effective way to clean your home and dishwasher thoroughly!