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Apr 17

Tips to Make Home Cleaning Safer for Seniors

By Maid in Jersey City

While there are some senior individuals who enlist the help of professional cleaners, others may prefer to keep busy by cleaning their own homes. Of course, as people age, there are certain cleaning tasks that should be left to a professional or someone more agile for the sole reason of potentially injuring one’s self. On the other hand, simple house cleaning tips for seniors can be cautiously done by seniors cautiously to avoid any mishaps.

Here are some useful tips to make cleaning safer for seniors:

1. Sit or Kneel to Avoid Back Injuries

When dusting or cleaning lower surfaces that involve bending, it’s best to sit on a stool. Often, elderly individuals feel giddy if they bend down for too long which can cause them to fall over. Similarly, bending can strain your lower back and hence, should be avoided as much as possible when cleaning.

2. Avoid Moving Heavy Objects on Your Own

Some seniors may still have the strength to move furniture on their own, but if you already have reduced strength and mobility, it would be best if you do light housekeeping for elderly. You may want to move the couch to vacuum or sweep beneath it, but you could consider asking younger when it’s time for that sort of cleaning.

3. Prevent Using a Lot of Soap When Mopping

When you decide to mop the floor, use only bleach or another disinfectant to clean–giving you significant results where your floor will become both sparkly and germ-free. There is an issue with using too much soap when mopping because it will take longer to dry and can cause the floor to be slippery.   To prevent any chance of injuries, be cautious and use just a little soap or not at all, but it is needed, just make sure that you thoroughly rinse the floor. Then be careful because wet floors can be slippery.

4. Break Up Big Cleaning Tasks

Certain cleaning tasks may be doable for elders, but not in one day. For example, cleaning windows can be a bit strenuous if you attempt to clean them all in one day. Instead, allow one day to clean the windows in one room and further break the task down into two smaller tasks:

  • Wipe each window pane thoroughly with a dust cloth
  • Spray on the cleaner and wipe with crushed newspaper balls

5. Let the Professionals Do the Cleaning

Senior life is the highlight of your life! You should spend most of your time enjoying and traveling instead of staying at home and cleaning it. You never have to worry about having a clean home, if you use trusted cleaning professionals that can handle the job while you have fun!