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Sep 03

How Dirty Are Hotel Rooms?

By Maid in Jersey City

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Whether you’re away on a trip or treating yourself to a staycation, there’s something incredibly alluring about hotel rooms. They have air conditioning (most of the time), big beds, pools, a minibar, and best of all; they’re always kept clean.

But, are they as clean as you imagine, though?

Perhaps you’ve seen worst things found in hotel rooms like a stray hair on the supposedly fresh linen or you’re asking yourself why all hotel carpets are dark?

Read on for 6 more surprising ways in how to sanitize your room which your hotel room might not be the five-star wonder you think it is.

1) Wipe Down The TV Remote Yourself

Think about it. Would you clean your TV remote at home on a regular basis?

Probably not.

This job also commonly overlooked when the maid is cleaning the bedroom and remotes can harbor the E. coli virusEither use a moist towel to wipe it down or get creative and pop a small Ziploc bag over the control so you can operate it without coming into contact with those germs.

2) Spray The Couch

This is another area where, if you think logically, the ingrained filth will not really be surprising. Let’s face it, other than dusting the couch, how often would you actually clean it at home?

You’re hardly going to pop it in the washing machine! Think about giving the couch a quick spritz with an antibacterial spray before taking a load off and kicking back to watch a movie.

3) How’s The Air Quality?

The air quality in most hotels is sorely deficient. Overworked AC units permanently set to on, filters that are seldom cleaned and little downtime between guests for routine maintenance spells disaster for the average air conditioner.

If you notice particles floating around the room, don’t hesitate to complain. The last thing you want is your lungs full of dust and grime.

4) Watch Out For The Bathroom

Keep your eye out for the countertop and faucet in the bathroom. Germ transferal can easily take place if the same cloth is used throughout the bathroom. While this seems unthinkable, it’s surprisingly common.

Take action and wipe these areas down yourself upon arrival.

5) Comforters and Pillows

There’s nothing as tempting as that freshly laundered, pristine white hotel linen. How about the comforters and pillows, though?

These are very rarely cleaned in most hotels so make sure you always call down to housekeeping for fresh pillowcases and forego the comforter in favor of sheets.

6) Key Cards

Something you probably give no consideration to in terms of hygiene is the key card.

People’s hands are filled with bacteria. Key cards are stuffed into pockets crammed with coins and bills along with assorted germ-harboring agents.

Wipe down the key card with some antibacterial spray to safeguard yourself before you even step inside the room itself.


The jury’s out on the bathtub. Some people prefer to give the bathtub a swerve but, be honest, could you resist relaxing in this bath through worrying about germs?

Give yourself a treat and enjoy a nice soak!

Cleaning Service

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually live in a hotel? You’d never need to make your bed and it would be like have the best house cleaning service on tap at all times.

Maybe after reading this article, though, you’re having second thoughts about hotel living!