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DIY Last minute Christmas Decorations to save a buck

DIY Last minute Christmas Decorations to save a buck

It’s understandable if you want to make it extra special Christmas this year, in a year that has been tough for most.

A great Christmas does not always mean spending an arm and a leg. With some creativity, you can come up with great decorations to bring the holiday charm.

If you do not consider yourself very artsy, don’t worry. This list gives you a list of creative last-minute Christmas decor that is not beautiful, but that will also save you a buck.

Christmas Themed Throw Pillows

Instead of buying Christmas themed throw pillows at a premium, you can make pillow covers for yourself. These are great because you can remove them and keep them in storage once Christmas is over.

What you need is buffalo checkered fabric, or fabric in the main Christmas colors: green, red, and white.

All you need is to measure the size of the pillows and cut the fabric according to the shape. Then sew it all round to form a snug pillowcase.

If you go with one plain color, feel free to embroider a Christmas message in a contrasting Christmas color. You can also affix small Christmas ornaments to it to complete the look.

Use Bottles, Jars, and Glassware Decoratively

The mason jars in your kitchen can be transformed into festive decorations. The best thing about this is that it’s simple and fun. This means you can bring your kids on board.

With some paint, ribbons, and other adornments, decorate these items creatively and use them as festive decorations.

Aside from placing them strategically as decorations, you can also use them as candle holders, vases and to give food gifts. You can also place lit bulbs in them to give them more oomph.

If you own apothecary jars, place choice Christmas ornaments inside and use them as displays.

Empty wine bottles can also be decorated and used as place items. This would really go great at the Christmas table.

Go Green

If you have a lawn or backyard with greenery and flowers, raid it for some fresh holiday décor arrangements.

Branches, pinecones, flowers, and climbers are very useful Christmas décor. You can use green plants to create bigger art pieces and add branches and pine cones for a rustic touch.

You can then add flower stems in areas where you would love a touch of color. Use these sparingly, however, as too much can be overpowering.

Ladder Tree

Ladder Christmas trees are excellent options for people that love decorating their homes in a minimalist, eco-friendly manner.

It's also convenient because most homeowners own a ladder, and this can be decorated during Christmas, then used for its original function the rest of the year.

You can then decorate this as you would any other tree.

If you do not have a ladder but have scrapes of wood or dry tree branches on your property, you can join these up to create a large abstract form to decorate.

DIY Ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree is another fundamental Christmas tradition that allows you to show your personality.

While you can buy most of the stuff to have on the tree, you can also make your own decorative ornaments. This saves you cash, adds a personal touch to your decoration, and is yet another Christmas activity you can use to bond with your kids.

Think pinecone owls, popcorn strings, tissue paper ribbons, painted cones, and so on. 

No Limits on Creativity

There is no limit to how creative you should be with your DIY Christmas Décor ideas.Do not worry about making a mess either. If you get too tired to clean up after Christmas, not to worry. Call us today for affordable, fast cleaning services.