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Jun 06

Cleaning Terms Glossary from Maid in Jersey City

By Maid in Jersey City

What Do Cleaning Terms Mean?

One question that comes up often about the cleaning terms is “what does a maid do, exactly?”

To answer this, first of all, we’ve collected a small glossary of terms related to a maid’s occupation. Here are some of the things a housemaid does, and also how they are defined. Maybe many of these are new to you?


We do conditioning to the leather and woodwork. The surface is also needed to be thoroughly cleaned. Then a surface restoration product is applied. Woodwork should be conditioned twice a year. Condition leather only when it needs it.

Green Cleaning

It’s naturally-safe, environment-friendly cleaning products used in place of harsh and toxic chemical solvents. These cleaners don’t increase air pollutants in the indoors atmosphere. It's not always possible to use them. Professionals know when best to utilize them.


It was needed to be included in the cleaning terms to have a dry dusting and also hand dusting. Two types. Dry dusting conjures up the stereotypical image of a young maid in a white apron and black frock, using a feather duster to sweep the curtains and furniture. Hand dusting requires picking up an item and using a cloth — such as a microfiber cloth — to wipe the piece down.

Hand Mopping

This chore probably is how the washerwoman is traditionally pictured. Down on hands and knees, the maid scrubs the floor using a specially treated cloth. We do most hand mopping in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Every bit of the scuff marks, debris, and soil we need to remove. This task is hard work.

Hand detailing

A microfiber cloth is treated and used to wipe every detail of an item, such as the individual slats of a set of blinds, or the baroque engravings on a silver bowl. Or all the shelves and baseboard moldings of a house.


We apply commercial disinfectant to a surface for at least 15 minutes. This spray thoroughly saturates the area and also kills all the bacteria, germs, and any other biological agent that might contaminate the item’s surface.


Same to disinfecting, but a spray-on disinfectant is used to kill surface germs and bacterial agents, and the item wiped dry immediately.


A maid must first assess the area that needs vacuuming and picks up any hard or sharp objects that can be stuck up into the sweeper. The power brushes must not be used on the bare floors, but are necessary for getting stubborn dirt out of carpets. A specially-made wet/dry vacuum must be used to sweep up water or other damp spots.

In addition, with these few definitions, it sheds some light on just some of the techniques a maid must know to function professionally in today’s world. There are hundreds more.

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