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Feb 19

What a Clean or Dirty Office Says About You

By Maid in Jersey City

It’s only but natural to make snap judgments when we see something out of the ordinary. So, whether you’re the employer or employee, you WILL be judged on the way you keep your office. Having an immaculate office will get you plenty of compliments while a messy office is bound to invite heavy criticism!

Especially where business is concerned, first impressions can either seal the deal or break it before you even begin your pitch. With that in mind, let us enlighten you further on what a clean or dirty office says about you.

Dirty, Messy and Smelly – Kiss Your Business Deals and Promotions Goodbye!

The first thing a dirty office says about you as either an employer or employee is that you’re not professional or serious about your work. It’s an instant bad first impression that can easily become a lasting one.

Secondly, dust on your furniture, unorganized files, dirty floors and musty smells in your office all implicate a lack of concern for your place of work. It’s hard for people to take you seriously if you’re dressed well yet sitting in a dirty, unorganized office. Even if the person sitting across from you is impressed by the way you talk or pitch ideas, they may feel uncomfortable to deal with you because your work environment is a complete turn off. Hence, first impressions are of critical importance!

Like many others, you may drink a lot of coffee in your office and eat there as well. This generally leads to food and coffee spills on your table or carpet from time to time. Food stains in your office sends out an image-scarring message that you just might be a slob! Moreover, it indirectly suggests that if you aren’t going to invest time or money in cleaning up your office, you probably won’t do the same where work is concerned.

Clean, Organized and Fresh – Hello, Career Prospects!

Now, let’s see what a clean office says about you.

Firstly, cleanliness in the office shows professionalism and commands respect. It says that you’re serious about your work and, in turn, makes people take you seriously.

For some of you, making one feel comfortable and welcome into your office may be desirable, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing for people to be intimidated by you and your immaculate office. Your personality may be inviting and friendly, but a clean office tells people that you mean business!

How you work under pressure or handle stress can also be conveyed to visitors by the way you keep your office. No one wants to work with someone who will buckle under pressure and has no sense of order in their own office. Hence, spotless tables, clean carpets and properly organized files and folders impresses a client or employer right off the bat! You will come across as a trustworthy and reliable individual before you can even speak.

Apart from all this, anyone that cares enough to keep their office clean, shows that they’re 200% committed to their work, strive to create a reputable image and have good hygiene, too. To help you maintain a cleaner office, there's always the option of hiring a professional cleaning service to keep every neat and tidy for you.