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Nothing completes that cozy vibe inside your home more than those soft carpets you decided to put in. Aside from the comfort they give, it makes the floor much less slippery. Although, as great as they seem to be, keeping the carpets clean involves a handful of effort. From having kids playing around and pets running all over, something is bound to make a mess. It feels like the world is falling into pieces, so you go to Google to seek some answers.

Most results might recommend hiring professional cleaners or buying instant stain removers which contain toxic chemicals harmful to everyone at home. Though this can be considered an “easy way out,” it doesn’t solve the problem considering your health is at stake. If not taking preventive measures, you can end up tidying up over and over again.

4 Ways To Clean Your Carpets Without Chemicals

  1. Vacuum as frequent as possible.

Vacuuming frequently reduces the level of dust mites which can cause asthma issues and allergic reactions. This also means getting rid of dirt on the surface of carpets before it gets deeper.

  1. Clean up stains immediately.

Whether having children spill their food or inviting a klutzy friend over, stains are to happen. You need to remove the spill as quickly as possible to prevent them soaking in. Use a clean cloth to absorb them then put another cloth saturated in white vinegar on top of the stain, press it down, so it soaks up the stain,  and let it set for a little while.  Then wipe it all up. Usually, that gets the stain out.  See the list below for more stain removal tactics.

  1. Use household ingredients to clean spills and stains.

You should take note that each kind of stain requires using an appropriate remover. Here is a list of different types of stains and ways to remove them using ingredients found at home.

Coffee and Tea Stains

Accidentally spilling coffee and tea is unavoidable, but with the right ingredients to use, it can be quickly remedied. Coffee stains, if not taken care of soon, can leave a yellowish brown discoloration and that will be harder to get rid off.

First, use a cloth to soak up the excess liquid.  Then mix in equal portions, water, and white vinegar to blot the spill. Another alternative is to pour a small amount of beer dabbing it on the spot with a moist cloth until it disappears. Be careful not to scrub the stain to prevent it from spreading.

Food, Pet Vomit, or Urine Stains

Some stains are harder to remove with just water and a moist cloth. If that happens, you can use baking soda which is a powerful ingredient known for removing stains and sanitizing the carpet from germs. Apply it to the stained area before vacuuming the residue.

For tough urine stains, club soda does the work. Soak a paper towel in it and dab until it’s stain-free.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gums are one of the hardest things to remove. If not removed immediately, it will stick onto the fibers and cause discoloration. Place ice cubes in a plastic bag to harden the gum and scrape the remaining gum up with a knife afterward.  For more ideas on ways to remove gum click here.

Spilled Paint and Nail Polish

You can remove the stain by making a homemade vinegar-detergent solution. Mix 1 ½ teaspoons of vinegar, detergent and water in a basin and use a sponge to remove the spill. Sponge the paint away before it hardens and gets more difficult to remove. Rinse the area with cold water.

Fruit Juice Stains

Use one to two drops of dishwashing detergents and blot in the stain until it's removed. Remember not to rub liquid spills to prevent further damage seeping into the carpet.

Red Wine

Pour available white wine over the spill to dilute the color then sponge the remaining stain with cold water. You can also sprinkle a tad amount of salt, and after about 10 minutes, vacuum up the mess.


Milk and cornstarch paste will do the trick for ink stains. It can also remove other oily and greasy substances. Place it on the spill and let it sit for a couple of hours before vacuuming.

Grease and Oil-Based Stains

Stains like spills from waxes, cooking oil and cosmetics are usually difficult to clean but possible to remove. The secret? Shaving cream! It will remove the stains easily.

  1. Hire a green professional cleaning service.

If you have no spare time to clean the rugs yourself, you can bring in a trusted professional carpet cleaning service that uses green products. Check them out and get a quote. Additionally, House Keep Up Chicago mentioned ways to care for your carpet, thereby extending its life.

Maintaining clean carpets and rugs 24/7 is impossible unless you never let anyone step on it, that is. Kidding aside, you have no more reason to fear since you can clean stains and spills safely without any risk for your family or pet’s health. No need to worry about having peace of mind with a spotless, fresh home!