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Jun 10

6 Decorating Tips for Small Homes

By Maid in Jersey City


Having a small place can be harsh, as anyone who has ever live in one can attest to. Nonetheless, this situation can be a great opportunity for you to use your creativity so you can make a home of it and feel proud of it.

The next tips will help you to know what kind of furniture is best for your apartment or house, and how to take advantage of every square foot and get crazy with new decoration ideas.

Take advantage of every nook and corner

Some little corners or nooks in your home might be so small that maybe you haven't even thought about how to use them properly. The best thing that you can do with them is putting a little desk or little tables there, or whatever you like. The point is never to leave empty any spot that can be useful, especially if you just find that thing that goes perfect with your place, at least visually. And, they can serve as extra storage space or as a shelf.

Multipurpose furniture

You’ve probably dreamt about getting a big couch since you were a little kid, but your new small place doesn't have to be the end of that dream. One of the smartest things that you can do is buy furniture with more than one use, and the best example is a couch that can be turned in a king size bed or tables that can change their size depending on the occasion. These choices will not only make the most out of the space but for your pocket.

Few means more commodity

Not a lot of people realize that having one of the greatest things about of having a small apartment is that you don't have the choice of having too much furniture, meaning that you can actually throw away anything that doesn't have a purpose.

This leads to having more space, not only for walking around but to make a better display of all your things and organize them however you like, and without thinking that you are full. Again, multipurpose furniture is key to this.

Take advantage of the walls

You know, a wall can hang more things than only pictures. The options of what to put on them are almost limitless. You can hang anything, from a little desk to a full cocktail bar if you are in the mood of getting something fun. By doing this, you will be leaving more space on the floor to put a nice carpet on it.

Think vertical

This one is very important. Think about it: how many people have TVs or pots hanging from the ceiling? Probably not that much. Setting up things like these is not complicated and will make the most of the little space you and also bring a different vibe to your home— and anyone who walks through the door will notice that.

Use the power of mirrors

This tip has nothing to do with narcissism, and it can be useful to make a room looks bigger than it is.

The trick is very simple: put some mirrors at the right spots so they can reflect the natural and non-natural light in the room and will make it look like if it just obtained a few square feet.

And, like always, having a clean apartment or home, no matter its size, is always better and helps clear out any mess that might limit your space to move around in. A professional cleaning service can help always have a clean and clutter free home.